After an emotionally trying day in a lifetime of emotionally trying days, Emma settles into the “quiet car” for her long train ride home. Her fellow passengers, a nurse, an energetic little boy, and an elderly male immigrant, irritate her and remind her of her past failures. When the train crashes, she blacks-out and relives her past, only to be awakened by the painful cries of her fellow passengers. What will Emma do? Will she run away to save herself, or find her empathy to care for the others and in so doing heal her past and regain her agency and power.

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This was a nice experience. The vocabulary is simple, but the story really hits. I screamed at the kid out of instinct - that's what I would do, I'm terrible at calming children down. I have trouble with children. Still, everything turned out okay both here and outside.

I hope you continue writing in the future. With more detail of what's happening these stories can be even better.

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Wow! Reina thank you for your kind words. I am so appreciative whenever someone takes the time to play our game. It’s really just a first draft. I’m definitely still writing, but haven’t played with Twine for a few months. I’m focused on blogging about my game playing experiences.

Thanks for the reply! I'm reading your post about analyzing your feelings when you play Florence and it's quite a read. I haven't played the game yet (and many great others!) due to feeling I'm not worthy enough to experience wonderful, popular pieces of art, and that the game had a troubled development process.
Seeing you have so much fun and emotions playing through the 30-minute experience to the point where you wanted to do games for yourself is amazing, and I'm equally impressed by how on-the-point the article was. It was just the right length with the same understandable vocabulary I've seen on this game. It takes skill to write an entertaining piece, more so one that respects the reader's time (meanwhile I'm rambling here... sorry haha).

I hope to try your other games in the future. In the meantime, I wish you best of luck in your journey!

Wow again, Reina! Your kind words have made my day. I’m so glad that you connected. Give yourself the gift of playing Florence. You deserve it. It is truly amazing that such a sensitive thoughtful evocative game came from such a troubled game development process. 

I wish you all the best in your creative future!