Average Playtime 5 -10 minutes

Content Warning: Gruesome Imagery & Ideas

Pregnant and starving from the enduring famine, Gretel returns to the forest to find out how she alone survived her family... and what secrets her mysterious grandmother's journal will share. 

Inspired by What Remains of Edith Finch, including Edith's twisted relationship with her curse-obsessed grandmother Edie and the many, many, many, family deaths. Only that seed of inspiration remains...

My research revealed that the Grimm Brother's based Hansel & Gretel on a particularly 'grim' period of human history. In 1315, a famine wiped out 25% of the population of Europe. The people of that time, without giving away any spoilers... did what they had to do to survive.

Iteration artifacts (flowcharts & feedback): https://www.cindiknapton.com/what-remains-of-hansel-gretel

I look forward to your feedback!


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I always adore twisted fairy tales , I cant wait to see more!

Interesting and atmospheric. Some of the text is a little tricky to read with the backgrounds, and the links half way through the paragraphs are a bit disorientating, but on the whole it's a good first chapter! Glad I can just use the Harlowe 'back' button to undo any bad choices too.

Keep up the good work and best of luck!

Thank you Zededd for your time and thoughtful comments. It's my first try at mixing text and images, lots to learn. Much appreciation!

I know what you mean there... I've given up on background images myself, because I could never get the balance right (or make the image scale how I wanted it to...) I like the duality of the two colours, but be careful mixing your 'link' font too much. I had to mouse-over a few places to see if it was a link or font colours.

That said, I'm actually really curious how far this can go! This dark retelling of a familiar tale has a marvellous atmosphere!